Natural SEO Provides Long-Term Results

If you have the money in your budget, it can seem pretty tempting to just give Google a share of your earnings to continually see yourself at the top of the results. There’s just one problem: When you stop paying, you will essentially be invisible to the millions of internet users because you have ignored the value of organic SEO. In contrast, when you invest the time (and money) into creating quality content – whether it’s a blog post or video SEO – it will stay on your site forever and continue to add the coveted expertise, authority, and trust that is so highly touted by Google’s search engine raters. While you need consistent and relevant postings to keep up your rankings, that informative YouTube video

It’s More Legitimate to the Searcher

Have you done a natural search on Google lately? If not, open up a new tab and give it a go – enter whatever you want, it doesn’t matter (like electricians in Colorado, or plumbers in California). The first few results you see are going to be tagged as ads (if there are paying customers with these keywords), as are the results showing up on the right-hand column. Sure, people do click on these (otherwise Google Ads wouldn’t be in business), but because these paid results are clearly labeled as such, many people skip right over them and go to the first organic listing. Why? Because in their mind, it is more likely to offer the value they are looking for;

In order to achieve a top ranking using organic SEO, you have to fill your webpage full of valuable content. Why? It’s not enough to attract users and page views – you have to keep them there long enough to convert, and to do that, you have to relate to the reader on a human level and inspire them in some way. While this does take more time than merely paying Google, it also makes your website a lot more likely to have repeat visitors. Paid clicks only guarantee a one-time visit, but it’s your efforts to build backlinks, hone keywords, and create amazing content that earn organic clicks and keeps them coming back time and time again. Your organic SEO techniques will gain your readers trust while building your brand, resulting in loyal customers for years to come.

Q: What is organic SEO?

A: Organic SEO (or natural SEO) is a method of garnering a top position within a search engine results page (SERP) by providing the best answer to a user’s query (thus meeting their search intent).

Q: How can I improve my organic SEO?

A: While you can improve your search ranking in many ways, the best place to start is by identifying keywords that users searching for your products or services often enter. Then, you’ll use these terms throughout your site in the form of quality content, links, and meta tags to appear prominently on the SERP.

Q: How does Organic SEO compare to paid search?

A: While you may ultimately need to provide some sort of payment for an SEO company’s services, organic SEO is not pay-to-play. Paid Google or Facebook Ads requires payment for each click or impression, while organic SEO aims to earn natural traffic through content creation.