Angular to Android App

you are a web developer Angular probably crossed your path a couple of times. Angular (as well as other javascript frameworks like react or vue.js) is a super cool frontend framework to build small and simple up to large and complex web applications.

As a developer I always try to provide the user the best possible user experience. That once meant that I had to develop a smartphone app instead of a web application. As a javascript enthusiast I didn’t want to start developing in c, c++ or java. So I did some research and quickly came to the conclusion that you can easily develop smartphone apps with a javascript framework as a basis. Building new hybrid apps from scratch is already pretty good documented but I also wanted to update existing web projects to be deployed as hybrid apps.

After this tutorial you will be able to build your existing Angular web project as an android mobile app (APK), get it running on your android device and even deploy it to the play store (of course you can also create a new Angular project and set up the APK building process). You should have a basic knowledge about Angular development. There is no further knowledge necessary (Cordova, java, android studio, etc). Please keep in mind that such things as step-by-step instructions in web development are always quite impossible. There are too many differences in each setups and projects to write a one-fits-all tutorial.